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Keep all data about your contacts in a single place and easily access it to target and personalize your campaigns. Build 360 customer profiles with usage of behavioral and transactional data processed in real – time.


Behavioral data

Sourced from the module for identification and tracking of the contact’s behavioral online.


Segmentation data

Information on segments your contacts have been qualified into on the basis of their behavior.


Information from external sources

Data from other systems and databases integrated with ai Leads & Buyer Data Marketing Automation platform.


Contact scoring

Sum of scoring points added automatically for every instant of client-company interaction

How does Marketing Automation work?

Marketing Automation (M.A.) is a dynamically developing subfield of Marketing. M.A. integrates and optimizes the sales and marketing work flow. Automation can even help you to define an overall better business process. The platform identifies users on the website and monitors their behavior on the basis of an unique identifier. Automation collects contact data, then automation tracks that users behavior and or purchase data. All the data is then saved in the system, analyzed and used to optimize processes on a macro and micro scale. For example, each user receives points for every kind of demonstrated activity, it can be a visit on the website, opening an email from you, a purchase of a product, an activity on social media, etc. This becomes a score or segmentation that reflects the user’s engagement and the degree of readiness for a particular purchase. Automation increases marketing and sales efficiencies.

  • Alongside the scoring system, the platform operates on the system of tags
  • On the basis of this information, you can reach customer through a number of channels.
  • Marketing Automation gives you a range of methods of
    automating your marketing and sales activities

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Stages of implementation

Before you take the full advantage of the AI & Machine Learning system, you need to go through several stages of implementation. You can use some algorithms which are ready to use or use the system in most advanced way – to create your own algorithms and processes which uses machine learning for very precise reasons. In that case, you should go through a process of designing such implementation.

This is a formative stage that will shape how the algorithms will work. You need to think about the objectives. One of the objectives can be assistance of the Machine Learning with servicing all B2B marketing campaigns created in Workflow. Then you need to think how you will measure the results. The selection of the metrics is of critical importance because choosing right metrics allows Machine Learning to succeed.

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Note that all your data may not be gathered in one place. However, most all the data you have will be considered to be of great value and importance for the Machine Learning approach. In the case of insufficiency of data or a lack of localized data, you only need to determine which data type is most useful. Once you start collecting it, then you need to specify how to transfer the data into the Marketing Automation platform.

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Once the model is trained It needs to be integrated into the management system. Then together with the expert, you should carry out the practical tests. While you are carrying out the tests, it is obligatory to check the model’s accuracy and the economic effect it brings.

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Product recommendations

Unlike product recommendation engines available in most Marketing Automation platforms, AI recommendations are not based on the product data itself or adjusted to specific user’s in 1-to-1 model. By the analysis of the data about all users, you do not need to apply 1-to1 model. The recommendation prepared by the Machine Learning system can include new users and the inactive users to which you are not able to prepare 1-to-1 recommendation model. It is possible because the system uses information about similar users.
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Web Push notifications

This is the quickest method of communicating both with the anonymous and monitored contacts. All stagers of the online marketing are familiar with the concept of a small notification showing in the corner of the screen. Empower the dynamic content by AI recommendations.

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Lead Nurturing is a new marketing concept associated with marketing lead campaigns aiming to prepare prospective customers to make a purchasing decision. Such programs can be run on Marketing Automation systems. “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead” Forrester Research.

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Our Marketing Automation platform offers one of the most innovative lead scoring modules available. Scoring is simply the process of automatically assigning a particular number of points to a particular lead for any detected interaction between the lead and the company. Lead scoring builds up an objective measure of the lead’s engagement and readiness to purchase available in the contact card. Using lead scoring, you may give your sales force clear information as to the most promising leads to be contacted in the first place.

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The System enables comprehensive lead management at each stage of your sales and marketing campaign. Using this process you will have full control over each contact available to your company. The very process begins at the moment of acquisition and takes the lead through the stages of education, purchase and finally – retention. Lead Management means primarily building relations with the lead but it is equally important to properly involve each contact in your marketing and sales processes.

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Big Data analysis allowing you to estimate shopping trends that you can use to automate your sales and marketing processes. The Predictive Marketing module, using transactional and behavioral data, enables you to automatically identify future shopping needs of your prospects and target them with tailored correspondence shortly before or at the time when the actual need arises.

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