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We are an authorized distributor of identity resolution data. Our data & our leads are unique to you! Our data is both permanent and portable! We deliver live leads from over 200 million internet users in the United States. Our methods are both cost-effective and highly effective. Our methodologies include mining “big data” and using artificial intelligence. We also utilize social engagement and chatbots. We offer sales managers a live user dashboard to track leads and sales agents actions. We are also MMW℠. MMW℠ provides our clients with high tech & emotionally engaging video background websites. MMW℠ provides hosting, branding, graphic design, video editing, a full-time web developer and social media account creations for our clients. Above all, we are real humans helping humans, not just bots and computers!

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About AI Leads & Buyer Data LLC.

We are “Leading the Industry in New Tech.” We use Artificial Intelligence to deliver AI Leads & Buyer Data for 50% to 80% less cost. We increase customer retention, we increase lifetime client value. We do it better than anyone, period. Just ask us how. We are disrupting sales cycles, yours maybe next. What is your winning strategy?
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