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SALESmanago is the first European marketing automation company with 100% annual growth. If you are an agency, and you want to be part of this team, adding value to your clients and developing your business, marketing automation offers you a great opportunity. Learn more

Anonymous Visitor Identification

Resolve the identity of your website visitors, 100% legal & ethical. No more wasted marketing. Engage prospects multi-channel, online & offline. Permanent, portable & proprietary.

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Buyer Data

Resolve buyer intent and identity across 200 million Americans. Message prospects at the right time. Be first. Save 25-80% CPA/CPC. Includes Site Visitor B2B/B2C.

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1000+ Pre-Qualified Leads

Get pre-qualified leads in 3-7 days. For agencies or call centers with staff. Medicare Supplement & Advantage all 50 states. Or your business. Reliable & scalable results.

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Full Service Lead Generation

We put the data to work for you, marketing and sale team management integrated. Text, email, call, sort & assign leads in omni-channel dashboards.

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Video Background & FT Developer

We create engaging & propietary Video Background websites for your business. We employe full time staff for development & support to keep your site up.

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Real Estate Leads AI

We help Real Estate Brokers & Agents use artificial intelligence and big data to close more deals each month. No bidding, no re-sold or cold leads. Unlimited.

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Grow your business with the best! Marketing Automation Platform

Ai Leads & Data.

We are authorized distributor of identity resolution data. Our data & our leads are unique to you! Our data is both permanent and portable! We deliver live leads from over 200 million internet users in the United States. Our methods are both cost-effective and highly effective. Our methodologies include mining “big data” and using artificial intelligence. We also utilize social engagement and chatbots. We offer sales managers a live user dashboard to track leads and sales actions. We are also MMW℠. MMW℠ provides our clients with high tech & emotionally engaging video background websites. MMW℠ provides hosting, branding, graphic design, video editing, a full-time web developer and social media accounts creations for our clients. Above all, we are real humans helping humans, not just bots and computers!

Our Workflow.

We Take pride in serving each client individually. Our service varies from bulk raw data to 1,000's of qualified sales-ready leads per week for call center teams. Our 1st priority is your success.



How many people know who your company is? Will they remember it when they want to buy? AI Leads will improve your performance and decreases costs.


Lead Nurture

How do you provide value to your prospects before they buy? Do you demonstrate you are trustworthy and reliable? AI Leads will afford you more conversations & conversions.


Discovery Call

We are serious about success. Watched our short video series? Consumed our content? Your next step is to book a Discovery Call with AI Leads & Buyer Data's Owner, Eric Boyd.


Strategy Call

Strategy Call is the extension of the Discovery Call into a strategic action plan for your company. Strategy + AI Leads & Buyer Data = Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

About AI Leads & Buyer Data LLC.

We are “Leading the Industry in New Tech.” We use Artificial Intelligence to deliver AI Leads & Buyer Data for 50% to 80% less cost. We increase customer retention, we increase lifetime client value. We do it better than anyone, period. Just ask us how. Do you like our video backgrounds websites? In 2018 we mastered it, as Mr. Mobile Website LLC. But in 2020 we will have already mastered Artificial Intelligence, the Data Sciences, and Machine Learning. We are disrupting sales cycles, yours maybe next. What is your winning strategy?
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