What we sell... (short version)

We are hiring Business Development Representatives!

$150K+ Rep A GOD'S EYE Like Product & Making Appointments ONLY. Producers ONLY.

If you could approach large businesses and tell them you knew who, by name, was actively searching for what they sell, and before anyone else could, wouldn’t you want to be “that guy?”

Our powerful service is disrupting sales cycles and creating market share leaders.

Ai Leads & Buyer Data LLC is an Independent Sales Organization. AiLeads.io has an exclusive business development contract for a company with a 9+ year track record of producing winning results by utilizing proprietary and advanced means. AiLeads.io pays GENEROUS FULL COMMISSION + RESIDUALS for each new customer you add to our client list.

We require motivated, trainable talent that is ready to help us introduce our offering to 250,000+ USA companies. Entire sales teams will be considered due to the crisis.

Leverage your existing business relationships or get paid on referrals. Professionals that posses excellent interpersonal skills that are needing to pivot due to the crisis are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in a solid $150K+ UNLIMITED COMMISSIONS and that is:

● Going to last. Our service only gets better and stronger with time.

● Nimble. You’ll have the ability to capitalize on booming industries during the lowest of lows & highest of highs.

● High ticket, high commission. You earn 25% gross commission + residuals on 12 month contracts. Earn full commissions on everything you produce.

● Low stress. We will even close every qualified prospect for you, indefinitely. And you still get paid your FULL & GENEROUS commission, including residuals.

● Resource supportive. Get high end training from industry leaders. Unlimited and ongoing guidance and sales materials. 

● Tool rich. Use our Marketing Automation & Lead Management Software to maximize your efforts with the least amount of effort. Investing in you. All you need to get started is a good internet connection, computer and a quite place during business hours that you can make business to business phone calls.

● Investing in you. All you need is a good internet connection, a computer or lap top and a quite place during business hours that you can make & take business to business phone calls.

The application window is now open. Apply online 24/7 at: aileads.io/careers/



What we do...

Business Development Representative Applicant Video Explainer