Have Any Questions?

Yes. Our Identity graph contains both the identity and the behaviors of 150 million USA residents over the past 10 years and counting.

We suggest layering it on top of what you already do to minimize any additional work. We suggest you nurture these leads as you would any prospect that is interested in what you sell. You can send special offers or direct marketing messages to these prospects.

First-party data is generated as the result of a prospect visiting your website. Your website visitors will always be first-party data.

No, not 100%. Many site visitors are actually bots. Our Site Visitor Tru IR match rate varies by market and volume between 25% and 75% of visitor traffic. You have unlimited matches against our identity graph of 150 million us citizens and residents. If a higher match rate is desired ask about adding on a Match Rate Boost.

Third-party data is often used to enrichen first-party data because the information was authorized for that use previously. For example, you purchase a cellphone with a credit card. Both the cellphone company and the credit company may have marketing agreements in place that allow user data to be utilized outside their respective companies.

No. The In Market Data Targeting service by itself only returns cryptographic hashes that maybe used in re-targeting marketing campaigns. This drives prospects looking to buy what you sell to your website. From there Site Visitor Tru IR is able to resolve the identity and provide a name and email.

By revealing the identities of your Site Visitor and your In Market best prospects the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts multiply. This increases your ROI almost instantly. Use this formula to forecast your ROI against the cost of our data. Estimated new sales per month multiplied by the average sale in dollars. Divide total new revenue by Site Visitor cost and that is the multiple of your ROI. For example, just 25 new sales a month with an average sale of 4,000 dollars yields an extra 100,000 dollars a month of revenue. Using Site Visitor would cost 1,000 dollars per month. 100,000 dollars divided by 1,000 dollars equals 100. Your ROI on Site Visitor in just 1 month in this example is 100 times the cost of Site Visitor. Using In Market Data Targeting and or In Market Data with Tru IR increases revenues even more without wasting money engaging prospects that are not we to buy.