Marketing Automation.

Build real omnichannel communication processes improving the conversion across entire customer journey. Define unlimited number of multivariant scenarios adjusting to customer website behaviour and transactions.

How automation works

Key Features.

Design processes which boost your potential and current customers' value. Decide how, when and where to engage your contacts with content tailored to their needs.

Engage customers anywhere they are using mutichannel automation campaigns

Automate how your website will engage visitors with personalized dynamic content

Create automation rules and define how to react on your customer’s behaviors

Design lead nurturing programs and scoring to warm up your leads for sales process

Design complex, multivariant automation Workflows with simple drag&drop editor

Run customer activation campaigns with dynamically adjusted offers and discounts

Increase sales automatically by reminding customers about products visited or added to cart

Automate the campaigns you had to perform manually on daily basis

About MMW, AI Leads & R.E.L. AI LLC.

Mr. Mobile Website LLC, Real Estate Leads AI LLC, and AI Leads & Buyer Data are “Leading the Industry in New Tech.” Mr. Mobile Website, LLC has achieved the ability to place video backgrounds on websites and have it display on any modern mobile device. In 2018 & 2019 Real Estate Leads AI LLC and AI Leads & Buyer Data was formed to deliver higher quality leads to Real Estate Professionals and Business Owners. We use Artificial Intelligence to deliver AI Leads for 50 to 80% less cost.
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